How We Work

Imagine your perfect partner – and it’s Serafire

Serafire Marketing treats your business like its our business, because it is.  We grow as our clients grow and most of our new clients come by referral. We dismiss cookie cutter solutions, always watch for “what’s next” and continually seek new opportunities for your business. We are forward thinking, listen to what you have to say, stay on top of your industry and help your business grow.

For businesses located in the Nashville area, we can often work on site; for other businesses, we can travel to your site or work via web conference, email, and phone.  Learn more about what we do.

Project Types

Serafire has a very flexible, modular approach to client projects. Typically, our marketing assignments fall into one of four areas:

Strategic Consulting

This is the traditional consulting role where we analyze your situation and make recommendations. This may include doing market research, QFD, customer interviews, competitor analysis, etc. We will also provide a second opinion to confirm (or provide an alternate viewpoint for) a prior analysis. Strategic consulting can be done as a stand-alone assignment, or in conjunction with Implementation and/or Project Management.


Serafire will assume responsibility for executing recommendations from a Serafire or other Strategic Consulting project. This could mean setting up a presence on approved social media sites, writing sales training manuals, launching a new product, creating a mail campaign, re-branding a company, etc.

Project Management

In this scenario, Serafire will manage the day to day work required to accomplish tasks. We can take on as much or as little as you like and also ramp up or taper off as your situation changes. Serafire will identify milestones, develop a timeline, oversee/manage vendors or support personnel, facilitate meetings, etc. You will have a single Serafire contact who will function as an extension of your staff – your right hand, so to speak – and provide you with regular status reports or live updates as needed.

Agency Support

Serafire works directly with ad agencies and web designers to provide ghost writing, strategic analysis, branding, etc. We can work completely behind the scenes or as a part of your virtual team.

Pricing Structure

Monthly Retainer

This is an ideal arrangement for activities that require roughly the same number of hours every month. Not only does it allow budget predictability, but we provide a 6% discount when payments are made at the beginning of the month. Particularly for rapidly growing small companies, this provides a cost effective alternative to a staffing agency and greater flexibility over peak and trough periods than does a part time employee.

Hourly Rate

An hourly rate is best for larger projects or more vaguely defined assignments that are likely to evolve

Project Based

Project based rates are suitable for smaller, discrete activities such as press releases, logos, etc.