Finding Opportunities to Improve Your Retail Customers’ Experience

To maximize profits, retail businesses should strive to create an exceptional customer experience.

While many factors along the customer journey that impact customer experience are within your control as a business owner, some are not. You can certainly improve lighting, cleanliness, employee training and so on but external factors such as parking, construction, commercial landlord policies, and the performance of third parties can also have an impact. Although not under your direct control, it’s often possible to take actions that create a positive customer experience.

For example, when one of our healthcare clients saw several cancelled appointments from patients scheduled to discuss procedure results, she reached out to determine the issue. Receiving feedback that it took too long to reach the hospital scheduling department, she asked her staff to schedule the appointments for her patients. By doing batch scheduling at the end of each day, her staff members were able to make a single call to schedule multiple patients. Having her staff schedule the appointments resulted in a significantly better experience and more consistent care for her patients – with little additional effort from her staff or impact on work flow.

The infographic shows the customer journey and the many points at which you can impact customer experience. Check out our other articles for more tips on improving customer experience.

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